Journal Entry #15

Hey folks! Sorry about the lack of new comics. I’ve decided to call it a bye week. I think stress and worry from work finally took affect on me in the form of stomach pain. All week I’ve have pretty bad  heartburn and stomach pain. I’ve never even really had problems with heartburn or really even knew what it was until recently. I can tell I’m getting older when I can’t enjoy fast food garbage with the same reckless abandon as I used to. Yes, I know I’m using this as an excuse to be lazy but it is only a hobby at this point, might as well treat it as so… for now.

In recent events, we now have Netflix instant streaming. I’ve been filling my time with watching old episodes of “The Wonder Years” instead of being productive with my time. I’m so glad to be watching it again. The show can get a little sappy at times but that doesn’t stop it from being in my top 5 shows of all time. It is weird that the Netflix version of the theme song isn’t the Joe Cocker version though.

OK, just to let you know there will be no Monday comic either but I will start up again next Wednesday, making a new comic for next Friday. I’m going to try my best not to get back into a lazy/sick slump again. I appreciate your readership. Thanks!