A Blatant Self Promoter

I’ve been thinking about the subject of self promotion for awhile so I thought I would post those thoughts. Ever since I even had the idea for my new comic strip “Habitat” I’ve been wondering how to go about distributing it.

Of course, putting it on the web would seem like a no brainer but I always have reservations about the internet. Number one, it seems too much like work to me. I work on a computer at my day job and using one to get my comic out there just seems like a chore. Another reason I don’t like the internet is that it is still hard work! ha-ha You have to keep up with networking and keep posting stuff regularly for people to remember you or even care. When you have a blog or webcomic or whatever you’re trying to build a fan base with, you are crammed in with a million other people vying for attention. The average web browser probably has the attention-span of 10 seconds. I’m including myself as the average person as well. Β Heck, most people probably won’t even get to read THIS far into this post! ha-ha And lastly, I think putting your art or ideas online sort of cheapens them. Don’t get me wrong, I use the internet all the time to get my stuff out there but you must admit the ready availability of art and ideas can make them slightly less desirable. Also, ANYONE can put their crap on the internet… including me. ha-ha As good as it may feel to put out internet stuff it would make me feel 100% more proud of myself if I was professionally published.

I’m not completely against internet as a promotional tool. Heck, I’m using it right now! I’m on WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Deviant Art, Tumbler, and LookatME… that last one I made up. I like meeting new people online and posting my ideas. For a shy person like me its ideal. I can get my voice out there without physically speaking in front of thousands of people.

Even the idea of self promotion is a little egotistical. What makes me think I’m so great that I need everyone’s attention? Actually, I have an Internet presence so people can enjoy what I enjoy making. It would be nice to be instantly famous and already have a fan base that enjoys my comic strip but I must keep posting stuff on the net… no matter how dull it may be. πŸ™‚ Thank you for your kind attention. Peace.

I doubt Bill Watterson would enjoy this but the idea seemed brilliant to me anyway.

I doubt Bill Watterson would enjoy this but the idea seemed brilliant to me anyway. Taken from the sketchbook. If you don’t get the reference, it is a parody of the book and movie “The Life of Pi.”