Journal Entry #18

Hey everybody! Time for another exciting blog post! I’ll try to make this as interesting as possible.

This morning my fiancé had surgery to get the plate and screws taken out of her ankle. Two years ago we were involved in a car accident and she broke and dislocated her ankle.  I was fine but my car was totaled. When the doctor took out the hardware he found she was missing cartilage from her ankle which is probably why she has been in pain for these past 2 years. The cause of the accident was an 86 year old man (driving without a valid license) who turned left in front of me and stopped in the middle of my lane while I was going close to 60 mph. Not a day goes by that I wish that man never existed.

I’m continuing my self-taught algebra lessons. Going back over the stuff now makes me wish I had tried even harder in my math classes. I did really try to get good grades in math but I always felt like a dummy when it came to math. It came so easy for others but I struggled. Toward the end of high school I avoided any extra math classes and just took what I needed. I figured “hell, I’m going into art, why do I need to know this stuff?” Now that I’m older I have a job that I will never need to use my math brain but I still would like to be knowledgable of it. So, I’m hoping, that I will continue to build on my algebra knowledge. I’m going to try to work my way through geometry (again), trigonometry, calculus, and maybe relearning physics and chemistry. Yes, I know teaching yourself is probably not as long-term as learning this stuff in a class but I still want to try. I’m a firm believer in “the self-made man.” I want to know how far I can build on the knowledge I accumulate. I never said I was sane. lol

I have also been trying to teach myself web design (html and css). That is another subject I hope I can build on. I’m trying to learn as much as I can on my own before i start any college programming classes. When I’m ready to re-enter the job market I want to be “the total package.” I want to be a graphic designer that knows how to build a website and make it pretty. Now that print is going the way of the dodo it will be good to know how to build a website. I’m going to practice by building my own personal website for myself and “Habitat.” I hoping within a year I’ll have an operational domain.

Well, that’s it for now. I know I always say this but I truly appreciate you reading and following my comic/blog. There is so much vying for your attention on the web and I really appreciate spending your time on my little comic/blog. 🙂 Thank you! New comic this FRIDAY!!!

Journal Entry #8

Hello again. I would like to start off by saying thank you to everyone that has been visiting the site regularly. Your readership and feedback means a lot to me. It always makes me happy when I see a spike in views but it also makes me a little nervous. I start to get self-conscience when I think about all the eyes that have see my drawings.

Sketchbook drawings.

Sketchbook drawings.

It is presumptuous of me to think that everyone likes what they see or is even intentionally visiting this site. I have always been pretty modest about my art, sometimes to the point of not wanting to call it “art.” I am aware (as I believe all artists are) of my failings. I am completely happy with about 50% of what I do. That may seem like a low percentage but I’m also confident enough to share my art with others. There is a point when you have to say “Well, I’m not completely happy with it but maybe others will like it.”

I’ve always struggled with “perfection.” Perfection has always seemed to be the unobtainable goal in life. I think it is always good to strive for perfection but it is bad to think you’ve achieved perfection. “Perfection” in art is always subjective anyway. If you think you’ve hit perfection then you no longer strive for improvement. That is why I am always so critical of myself, I want to always be improving. Never being completely happy with what you create is healthy. The goal is to just keep creating, working at your craft, and being critical of yourself just enough so that you don’t discourage yourself from trying to achieve “perfection.”

I hope this was enjoyable to read. I do ramble on occasion. Thank you for reading and I will hopefully see you again on Monday!

What’s Been Going On Lately

A lot has happened since the last time I posted. I will start with the unfortunate event of our pet rat Harvey being put to rest. A huge scabbing lump had formed on his shoulder and when we brought him to see the vet we learned that he had lost substantial weight as well. The vet said most pet store rats live 2 to 3 years and we had had Harvey for 2 good years. He began sleeping more than normal, he wouldn’t eat as much as he used to and his back legs were becoming lame as well. Last Monday we (Sara and I) decided that it would be best if we end any suffering he may have and have him put to sleep. His death hit me harder than I expected it to. You kind of take for granted the joy a pet can bring you until he/she is gone. Sara wants to keep the cage up awhile before we clean it and put down in the basement. For me I get a little pang of sadness every time I see it. We buried Harvey in the flower garden and planted a stargazer lilly over him to remember him by. He was both of our first experience with a rat and we certainly will never have another great rat like Harvey. Rest in peace buddy.

OK, Hopefully that wasn’t too sad and depressing. In other more positive news. I hit the 100 page mark in my graphic novel script. I’m considering myself done with the script even though it is not fully complete. I told myself at the beginning of this whole idea that if I can write 100 pages of a script that will give me enough confidence to finish the book completely. There are still some story lines I didn’t finish but I figure I can figure out how to fit those in during the rough layout process. The rest of the script will be kinda a write as you go sort of thing. I will continue to keep you posted on how the book is going.

Another little goal Im working toward is reaching my ideal weight. I’ve become pretty pudgy since turning thirty. I have definitely discovered that my metabolism is not what it used to be. I can’t eat Taco Bell all day and not live with the results anymore. It makes me feel older but it is also good because it has forced me to pay more attention to my body. I’m starting to eat more vegetables, drink more water, cut down on my meat and over-all portion sizes. I’m hoping by Christmas I’ll be around 130-40lbs. That’s the goal anyway.

One more little bit of personal news, I began reading the “Steve Jobs” bio a couple of weeks ago. So far, it’s pretty interesting. The book goes Jobs’ Zen fascination which has kind of rekindled my interest with Zen meditation and Buddhism.

That it all for now. I’ll keep you updated on whats going on in my life… until then. Peace.

Goals and Inspiration

It’s been about 2 weeks since my last post and I am still in the process of writing the graphic novel. I initially wanted to post something every Wednesday but I found I really had nothing to post about since I didn’t want to give away much of the story. I’m at 72 pages now which I am pretty proud of. I never really thought I would get this far in the writing process. I’m starting to relax on my writing schedule a little bit. It’s getting hard for me to wake up so early every morning and be able to write. I’ve been sticking to my goal of 10 pages a week. I figure as long as I get 10 pages done a week it doesn’t matter what schedule I keep.

Besides working on the book I have also been working on trying to better myself. It’s good to have goals but I find myself becoming grumpy if i don’t finish a goal I have set for myself.   That is the main reason why I have done away with my strict writing schedule. I have also been meditating more which helps slow things down and puts things in perspective. I have also noticed That I’ve let my body go too soft so I have decided to do sit-ups every day to feel and look better. These are little things but they help me to be a happier person. This is the site I have been going to a lot lately. It is just another self-help site but I find it inspirational and I especially like it because there are a lot of lists.

So that’s it for now. Thanks for dropping by!