Habitat #9: The Climb

Habitat 09

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The reason you don’t see more stray cats on the top of electrical poles is because there are no dogs to put them up to it. It does seem very natural for cats to climb up things but not know how to get back down.

I came up with the idea for this strip while driving to work. I just noticed how many poles line the streets and that was the impetus of the idea to put Finn on top of a electrical pole. Since I’m not too settled on Finn’s design you’ll notice he’s only in two panels… I think it still works without seeing him… I don’t know if it would have been funnier to see him in the last panel or not.

I’ll have another fun-filled blog for you next Monday! Thanks for reading!

Habitat #8: The Baby-sitter

Habitat 08

Man, looks like Morton is a real jerk  in this one. If I was Finn I wouldn’t even want to hang out with him. They are all they have though… for the moment anyway.

I’m critical of all the comics I do but this one I’m really critical of. Finn kinda morphs from panel to panel. Consistency is always a challenge in comics. Like I said before, I would like to re-design the look of the characters a little to make them less flat looking. Morton is a jerk in this one which is not how I really want him to turn out. I want him to be a wisenheimer without being construed as meanie or a bully.

Just a reminder that future comics will come out EVERY FRIDAY!

As always, thanks for reading!

Habitat #7: Very Possessive

Habitat 07Think of this comic whenever you touch something outside. It’s weird to think of just how much of the outdoors has been used as a toilet.

You may have noticed a little change in the look of the blog. I thought it was time for change in theme. Also, after this post, I  will be changing my posting schedule to EVERY FRIDAY at 10:00 am CST. Sorry for any confusion. Thanks for stopping.

Habitat #6: Finn!

Habitat 06

As promised, the cat’s new name. As I mentioned in the previous post, the name comes from our new kitten we adopted last Friday. I had just finished reading “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,” which kind of inspired the name as well.

I’m not totally satisfied with the look of the comic yet. I still don’t think the draftsmanship is good enough for a syndicate to pick up. I think I might want to tweak the design of Finn just tad bit. I think the characters blend in to the backgrounds too much and shouldn’t be flat looking. I’m not saying the art is horrible either. I wouldn’t put anything on this site that I’m ashamed of. I just want to let anyone that plans on following this comic that it is still in flux.

Thank you for reading, y’all come back now, ya hear?!

PS Sorry for any lateness… I was having trouble with WordPress reading my tags when published on a schedule.