Journal Entry #7


From the Sketchbook

Hi everyone! Not too much to report this week. I hope you are all still having fun reading “Habitat.” My drawing ability is slowly progressing. There may be a few wonky perspectives but for the most part I’m starting to become more happy with what I create. I have always been good at drawing but not great. I’m hoping that if I keep practicing I’ll achieve that greatness at some point. Someone left me comment saying that instead of motivation, discipline should be what I seek. I think that is exactly true. When you’re disciplined you throw out all your self criticisms and excuses and just work on what you need to work on. I believe if your disciplined enough motivation will come naturally.

Last Wednesday I helped my fiancΓ©’s father with a cartooning class he does during certain times of the year at the local public museum. I actually took one of his cartooning classes when I was around 10 years old. Back then I loved drawing “Calvin & Hobbes.” This class was for kids 10-16 years old. About 9 or 10 kids attended. This class was specifically about video game cartooning so we brought in a PS2. I was responsible for policing the PS2 which really wasn’t too hard. Most of the class is just drawing / social time for the kids but there is also video games, and movies to watch as well. I wouldn’t mind teaching a class on cartooning sometime in the future. It would be fun to teach kids what I know… which isn’t much. LOL

Well, I guess I’ve gabbed on long enough. Keep tuning into “Habitat” and I’ll keep making them! Thanks for reading!