Journal #36

It seems like awhile since I last post something so I thought I’d give an update on my life to this point.

Yesterday I helped teach a comic class with my fiance’s father. This class was for a girl scout troop of about 20 girls. Sara’s dad often teaches cartooning classes through the public museum so he is quite good at it. I didn’t say too much and mostly helped hand out papers which was fine with me. I also helped if any girls had trouble drawing something. I brought my new iMac and graphics tablet to let the girls draw with it. It was fun to see the girls draw and they were all well-behaved. Afterward, I wondered if my drawing skill was any better than their’s at that age. I would have liked to believe that I was a little ahead of the curve in the drawing department anyway. Someday, I would like to teach a class on comic strips or web comics but I don’t know if I can overcome my shyness to really do that. We’ll see… maybe someday.

As you can see, I’m still taking a break from “Habitat.” Right now I’m just mulling over ideas for a new comic. Comics with kids in them have always appealed to me so I’m thinking of starting a comic with a 10-year-old boy has the main character. I want there to be a side kick character but I don’t want it to seem like I’m blatantly ripping off Calvin and Hobbes. I’m not sure when I’ll be posting my first new comic but I want to make sure it’s up to snuff before I post anything. It will be color and probably be the size and format of a Sunday newspaper comic strip. I’ve got the character’s name and now all I have to do is design him, think of up his personality, the setting, the supporting characters, font style, and the overall look of the comic. Not too much to do. Ha-ha

Well, I should get off this computer and actually do something today. Thanks for reading. Til next time, keep your eyes, ears, and minds open.

Journal Entry #29


Just some doodles.

Hello guys! Back for another blog post. Lately I’ve been doing the comic kinda at the last minute. For instance, the last comic about the pen knife I came up with as I was waking up that morning. So if it seems stupid or isn’t funny to you it’s probably because I made it up on the fly. I know I shouldn’t be admitting this but I thought you should know. That’s what these journal entries are all about… admitting my faults. ha-ha

I’m still working on the children’s book. I have a script typed up and thumbnail sketches of each page spread done. My next step is to experiment with media and see what I want to use and what style is appropriate for the book. I’m thinking I’ll probably use ink and watercolor. The experimenting stage is where I really run out of steam on projects and they never get finished so I really need to push through and just get it done. I really want this book to exist so I’m going to make sure that happens.

Well, thats all the blabbing for now. Thanks for reading!


Journal Entry #23

practice dog 2So this is my second attempt at the graphic tablet. I just have to keep telling myself it takes practice to get good. I’m sure I’m not creating color in the most efficient way but I am still learning. I think having the tablet will at least speed up the drawing process and make it look a little bit more “professional.” If you are wondering, yes, this will probably be the look of the re-designed Morton. Thanks for reading. I’ll check you all later!


Journal Entry #20

This is just a card I drew for Sara's nephew who's a marine stationed in Japan. I'm thinking of deleting his name and using it as a Christmas card.

This is just a card I drew for Sara’s nephew who’s a marine stationed in Japan. I’m thinking of deleting his name and using it as a Christmas card.

Hey guys. I’m sorry but there be no comic today. My mom had to be admitted to the hospital this past Wednesday because her blood sugar levels were in the 600s which could have killed her. She is doing fine now and will probably even get to go home today. She hasn’t been to a doctor since I was born (34 years ago) so she could have probably prevented getting diabetes. She has to take insulin and keep tabs on her diet now which I think will be good for her. I think now that she knows she has diabetes she’ll start to eat healthier and probably even feel and look better. Plus she’ll have to start seeing a doctor on a normal basis which I’m glad of.

I hope you all had a happy Black Friday Eve… I mean Thanksgiving. I swear that someday we will all forget what Thanksgiving is and just start calling it Black Friday Eve. Holidays are pretty much run by consumerism now anyway. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade was the beginning of this I think, it’s a harbinger of our consumerism.

I’ve been having a hard time writing my comics and drawing them lately. About two weeks ago I became the only full-time person working in my department. It has been scary and stressful and I can only hope it will get easier. I think this has taken a toll on my creativity and my passion for “Habitat.” I also get depressed that I’m not showing any signs of improvement, so I think why even try? I know I have to keep the mindset that I’m in this for the long haul but it get’s difficult just to do this thing for myself. I think my new goal is just to keep putting out a new comic every Friday and not worry about syndication right now. Slowly, as the comic progresses I’ll start to feel when it is time to take it to a syndicate. I have to start to love “Habitat” before I want to turn it into my “career.”

Once again, I’m sorry about the lack of comic but hopefully this post makes up for it. I’ve noticed that I get more “likes” and more comments on my journal posts so I have a suspicion that people like the journal entries more anyway. I hope to get back into the groove next week and I’ll have  brand new comic for you guys. As always, thanks for reading and I hope you continue tuning in!

Journal Entry #12

Done in sketchbook. Made especially for today. Morton and I are sorry for taking the day off. :)

Done in sketchbook. Made especially for today. Morton and I are sorry for taking the day off. 😦

NO COMIC TODAY. I’m sorry to disappoint any one who follows my comic but because of my day job there will be no comic today.

I’m actually writing this on Wednesday, the day I normally do today’s comic. I’m flying solo at my graphic design job for the next couple of weeks and that adds a lot of extra stress and worry to my life. Tuesdays are deadline days and I worked from 6:45am to 8:30pm last night. Needless to say, I’m burnt out. True, I could have made a comic but I didn’t think it would be very good with the way I’m feeling right now. Since I plan on having these comics sent for syndication consideration, I want to work on them when I know I’ll have my full concentration.

Once again, I apologize to anyone who follows my comic and actually looks forward to reading it… so to that one person… I’m sorry. Ha-ha! I will still be making a new comic Tomorrow (Saturday) and posting it on Monday at 10:00am! Thank you for your understanding, and all your readership! See you Monday!

Journal Entry #11

Hello all! It seems that I always start these journal entries by saying I don’t have much to say and then go on babbling longer than expected. This post will be about little things that are going on with the comic that may not have much importance to you but is good for me to keep track of.

Sketchbook drawing. Possible idea for t-shirt.

Sketchbook drawing. Possible idea for t-shirt.

First of  all, I’m starting to get to the end of my sketchbook. It feels good to have a document of the past couple of months (5 months, to be exact) since starting “Habitat.” The whole sketchbook is not just “Habitat” stuff but it still feels like I’m accomplishing something by nearing the end of its pages. I used to try and make every sketchbook drawing/page “perfect” but now I’ve just been using it for drawing practice which I think sketchbooks should be used for. I’ve finally discovered that (unfortunately) not all of us can start off with sketchbooks like R. Crumb, Chris Ware or Gary Panter. It takes patience and practice to create sketchbooks that are as artfully done as these guys.  It will be awhile before I will be able to trade my sketchbooks for a country house in France a’la R.Crumb. LOL

This past week I’ve been pretty stressed at work and that will continue for the next couple of of weeks. This worry and stress has unfortunately, resulted in missed strip writing days. I started with the mindset of writing a strip every day but I have missed a few days this past week. I’m not too worried though. I don’t feel like I have fallen into the habitat of being lazy about script writing. With the additional stress at my day job I tell myself that I don’t need to stress about writing everyday. I try not to feel guilty about not writing everyday but I think it is healthy for me to just relax and not worry about ANYTHING for at least a day.

In the next couple of strips you might notice that I’ve discovered a ruler! LOL I actually use the ruler a lot in my comic but usually trace over the blue line freehand. I’ve started to ink the comic using the ruler. It’s amazing the difference a straight edge can make! LOL I’ve also started using an oval stencil for the word bubbles which make the comic look way more professional. I started off this comic wanting to create everything (beside panel borders) freehand but now I use whatever I can to help me make the comic a little sharper.

I think I mentioned this in the previous journal entry but I would like to start a “Habitat” store soon. I haven’t researched all my online sales possibilities yet but I’ve been sketching ideas for t-shirt and mug ideas. I don’t really want to jump into the sales thing too quickly. For one, I think it could cheapen what I’m doing. I don’t want it to look like I’m only working on this comic to make a buck. (Although some money would be nice.) LOL Another reason I’m not jumping into sales too quickly is I want to take the time to create something that I would actually buy. I don’t want to create crap and expect people to buy it.

OK, I think I’ve taken this far enough. Before I go I want to thank all of you again for reading “Habitat.” It feels good to create something like “Habitat” for myself but with an online audience it makes it even more rewarding. I want to let you know I appreciate every single view, follow, comment and “like.” See you Monday! Peace.

Two Strips A Week!

After much thought I have decided to do two “Habitat” strips a week. So now in place of my Monday blog posts I will be posting a new strip. Every Monday and Friday at 10am CST a new “Habitat” comic strip will be posted. I’m hoping I can keep up the slightly more grueling schedule but if I see that it is taking a toll on the strip I will go back to just one a week. I realize that it seems like my schedule is changing every week and apologize for the inconsistency but, this comic strip also started as an experiment. It is a challenge to myself to do two comic strips a week so that I have enough material to send to a syndicate come May 5th of next year.

This will be my last Monday blog post but I will continue to post blogs at least once a month.  Not that my life is that interesting but it I think it is nice to post once and awhile just as a journal of my thoughts and how I go about making the strip.

You’ve probably also noticed a change in the look of the site. I’ve switched to a more reader friendly theme. It’s a little less customized but I think it will be better in the long run. Once I get my own domain is when I’ll try and go nuts with the design of the site.

Well, thank you for stopping reading my stuff I’ll hope your come around every Monday and Friday to check out “Habitat.”