Artist Statements

Before I get into the meat and potatoes of this post I would like to talk a little bit about last weekend. Last Saturday was the Summit City Comicon in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Fortunately, some of my family live there so Sara and I were in attendance. My uncle, who is a local Ft. Wayne artist, was nice enough to take us there. Unfortunately I have no photos to share but it was still fun to see how a smaller city throws their comic book conventions. Katie Cook was there drawing a crowd as usual. We also met Jeremy McFarren who had the genius idea of doing daily doodles and putting them in his kids’ lunch boxes. He has several books you should check out. A really talented and friendly guy! I didn’t end up buying anything but I still enjoyed my trip and I think Sara enjoyed it too. Maybe someday I’ll be able to get a table there. 🙂

I have been doing a lot of thinking and I have finally come up with an artist statement for myself and the book as I had promised last week. Both are to help me stay focused and inspired enough to stick with this graphic novel thing. So for those of you who really care, here they are…

Personal Artist Statement: I am an illustrator with a goal of conveying the human experience  graphically. I want the emotion in my drawing to look effortless. I see my art as a constantly evolving. I should be constantly improving as a draftsman. Idea / purpose, form, idiom, structure, craft, and surface is the path I will strive to follow. Good art always tells it’s own story but is told in a way that others can relate to and that is my goal.

Graphic Novel Art Statement: This will be a semi-autobiographical graphic novel that everyone can relate to in some fashion. It will be a collection of “snap-shots” or little glimpses into my life. This book will also collect thoughts that I have about life in general. The theme of the book will be about how hard it is to “grow up” and not be so self-centered. It also will ask the question that I so frequently ask myself, “what does it mean to be an adult man today?” I will approach the book with a beginners mind and see this as a learning experience. Although, I have drawn my whole life I still feel there is room for improvement so this will be my way of becoming a better draftsperson. Even though it will be drawn with a relatively inexperienced hand I will strive for beauty in every panel I draw. I’m hoping that the drawing style will contrast nicely with the story of growing older and wiser. I will also limit my drawing tools on this book to cheap pencil, pen, marker, and sketchbook. I want to show that beauty does not need to be created expensively.

So, there it is. It may be a mishmash of thoughts but it is something I can go to if I lose my way during the project. This is probably only interesting to me but I’m hoping that someone might be able to see my process and be inspired to start a project of their own.

Why go through all this for something I’m probably not going to make any money on? Like I’ve mentioned before, I’m at the age now that I feel the need to create something important that shows that I was once here and that I was an artist. If this turns into an illustration career that would be GREAT but I’m trying not to make it the main reason why I’m tackling this project now.

Thanks for stopping by. Hopefully next week I’ll have a few model sheets to show how I’ll look in the book!