Journal Entry #7


From the Sketchbook

Hi everyone! Not too much to report this week. I hope you are all still having fun reading “Habitat.” My drawing ability is slowly progressing. There may be a few wonky perspectives but for the most part I’m starting to become more happy with what I create. I have always been good at drawing but not great. I’m hoping that if I keep practicing I’ll achieve that greatness at some point. Someone left me comment saying that instead of motivation, discipline should be what I seek. I think that is exactly true. When you’re disciplined you throw out all your self criticisms and excuses and just work on what you need to work on. I believe if your disciplined enough motivation will come naturally.

Last Wednesday I helped my fiancé’s father with a cartooning class he does during certain times of the year at the local public museum. I actually took one of his cartooning classes when I was around 10 years old. Back then I loved drawing “Calvin & Hobbes.” This class was for kids 10-16 years old. About 9 or 10 kids attended. This class was specifically about video game cartooning so we brought in a PS2. I was responsible for policing the PS2 which really wasn’t too hard. Most of the class is just drawing / social time for the kids but there is also video games, and movies to watch as well. I wouldn’t mind teaching a class on cartooning sometime in the future. It would be fun to teach kids what I know… which isn’t much. LOL

Well, I guess I’ve gabbed on long enough. Keep tuning into “Habitat” and I’ll keep making them! Thanks for reading!

A Blatant Self Promoter

I’ve been thinking about the subject of self promotion for awhile so I thought I would post those thoughts. Ever since I even had the idea for my new comic strip “Habitat” I’ve been wondering how to go about distributing it.

Of course, putting it on the web would seem like a no brainer but I always have reservations about the internet. Number one, it seems too much like work to me. I work on a computer at my day job and using one to get my comic out there just seems like a chore. Another reason I don’t like the internet is that it is still hard work! ha-ha You have to keep up with networking and keep posting stuff regularly for people to remember you or even care. When you have a blog or webcomic or whatever you’re trying to build a fan base with, you are crammed in with a million other people vying for attention. The average web browser probably has the attention-span of 10 seconds. I’m including myself as the average person as well.  Heck, most people probably won’t even get to read THIS far into this post! ha-ha And lastly, I think putting your art or ideas online sort of cheapens them. Don’t get me wrong, I use the internet all the time to get my stuff out there but you must admit the ready availability of art and ideas can make them slightly less desirable. Also, ANYONE can put their crap on the internet… including me. ha-ha As good as it may feel to put out internet stuff it would make me feel 100% more proud of myself if I was professionally published.

I’m not completely against internet as a promotional tool. Heck, I’m using it right now! I’m on WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Deviant Art, Tumbler, and LookatME… that last one I made up. I like meeting new people online and posting my ideas. For a shy person like me its ideal. I can get my voice out there without physically speaking in front of thousands of people.

Even the idea of self promotion is a little egotistical. What makes me think I’m so great that I need everyone’s attention? Actually, I have an Internet presence so people can enjoy what I enjoy making. It would be nice to be instantly famous and already have a fan base that enjoys my comic strip but I must keep posting stuff on the net… no matter how dull it may be. 🙂 Thank you for your kind attention. Peace.

I doubt Bill Watterson would enjoy this but the idea seemed brilliant to me anyway.

I doubt Bill Watterson would enjoy this but the idea seemed brilliant to me anyway. Taken from the sketchbook. If you don’t get the reference, it is a parody of the book and movie “The Life of Pi.”

Model Sheet: The look of me.

Howdy all! So I’ve pretty much pinned down what I will look like in the graphic novel. What you see above is pretty much what I’ll look like with my glasses on and off. I usually draw myself with no glasses since I’ve just started wearing them relatively recently. I like the look that the “texturizing” of my hair gives. I think this is more interesting than just making my hair a solid black which is what I usually do.

This is a model-sheet that was done previous to the first six-panel comic. I’m going to stick with this look but just change the hair to the textured look. I’m pretty happy with the design.  I’ve decided to do just the outline in the fine tip Sharpie marker and then the inside line work and details with the ultra fine tip. Most of the book I’ll just be in t-shirt and jeans or a coat for wintertime. I still have to design what my winter clothes will look like but I’m glad I got the bulk of the designing done.

My only concern with working in Sharpie marker and panels not much bigger the 4 inch squared is limited room for stuff in panels. I’ll have to be clever when putting in my word balloons, laying out the page and what’s in the panels. I’m hoping that my own “style” is pleasing to the eye and doesn’t look too amateurish. I want something that looks kinda rough and raw, not something that looks like it was drawn by a third-grader. lol

With this page I started drawing certain body positions and what I would look like in a panel. To be honest, I’ve alway had trouble with realistic portrayal of anatomy… as you may have already figured out. I have a lot of trouble with how the head is seen on the body. I’ll have to work on that.

So this is what I have so far… The model-sheets (design of main character) was the last thing on my list of goals so I feel good that I’m moving forward. The next step is writing a script which I’ve set September deadline.

I hope you like what you see! Thanks for stopping by! Oh yeah… I don’t really think smoking makes you sexier. lol

Comic Books and Burgers

I was kinda inspired to do this because of the next “Dark Knight” movie. This version of batman isn’t really that threatening though.

Well, I’m officially 33 as of last Saturday (Cinco de Mayo… and FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!). It was a fun-filled weekend. On Saturday Sara and I went to Milwaukee to visit a few places. First on my agenda was Lost World of Wonders comic shop. I decided on splurging on “TNMT: Ultimate Collection Vol. 2.” It was free comic book day and the lines were pretty long so we decided to bypass it. We then went next door to American Science and Surplus where you can find everything from a bag of marbles to weird military surplus gas masks. If you want a 5 lb. bag of rubber bands, they have that too! Pretty awesome place! We swung by Daly’s Pen Shop as well, which I guess is the oldest pen store in the U.S. We ended our trip with a late lunch at Solly’s Grille which has the best butter burgers I’ve had. This place actually puts a huge wad of whipped butter on their burgers… A dream for fat Wisconsinites like myself. So all in all the first day of my 33rd year was a success. 🙂

My next big step in the book process is writing an artist statement for myself as an artist and an artist statement for the book itself. I think writing out what I’m about and what I want to accomplish with this book will keep me more focused on the task at hand. So by next week I should have those for anyone willing to look at this humble blog o’ mine. Thanks for stopping’ by!

A sketch of batman I did before the watercolor on the top. I don’t think DC would ever hire me. lol