Two Strips A Week!

After much thought I have decided to do two “Habitat” strips a week. So now in place of my Monday blog posts I will be posting a new strip. Every Monday and Friday at 10am CST a new “Habitat” comic strip will be posted. I’m hoping I can keep up the slightly more grueling schedule but if I see that it is taking a toll on the strip I will go back to just one a week. I realize that it seems like my schedule is changing every week and apologize for the inconsistency but, this comic strip also started as an experiment. It is a challenge to myself to do two comic strips a week so that I have enough material to send to a syndicate come May 5th of next year.

This will be my last Monday blog post but I will continue to post blogs at least once a month.  Not that my life is that interesting but it I think it is nice to post once and awhile just as a journal of my thoughts and how I go about making the strip.

You’ve probably also noticed a change in the look of the site. I’ve switched to a more reader friendly theme. It’s a little less customized but I think it will be better in the long run. Once I get my own domain is when I’ll try and go nuts with the design of the site.

Well, thank you for stopping reading my stuff I’ll hope your come around every Monday and Friday to check out “Habitat.”

Hump Day Post

Hey everyone! I just want to let you know that my comic strip, “Habitat” will be posted on FRIDAYS at 10 CST from now on! It seems posting web comics every Monday, Wednesday, Friday  is the popular schedule so I thought I may get a few more views on Fridays.  As viewership picks up I would like to start posting “Habitat” on Monday and Wednesday too but with work and other stuff it doesn’t seem very logical at this point.

I’ve decided that I will start posting normal blog posts on most Wednesdays just so there is not such a lull in the action between Habitat posts. These post will just be news or ideas that I have for “Habitat.” Wednesdays will be a sort of “behind the scenes” of “Habitat.” It will also be the time I post mundane crap like my day job or getting the oil changed in my car. Exciting, no?

Thank you for reading this and have a safe and happy 4th of July! Don’t blow you fingers off!

Habitat #6: Finn!

Habitat 06

As promised, the cat’s new name. As I mentioned in the previous post, the name comes from our new kitten we adopted last Friday. I had just finished reading “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,” which kind of inspired the name as well.

I’m not totally satisfied with the look of the comic yet. I still don’t think the draftsmanship is good enough for a syndicate to pick up. I think I might want to tweak the design of Finn just tad bit. I think the characters blend in to the backgrounds too much and shouldn’t be flat looking. I’m not saying the art is horrible either. I wouldn’t put anything on this site that I’m ashamed of. I just want to let anyone that plans on following this comic that it is still in flux.

Thank you for reading, y’all come back now, ya hear?!

PS Sorry for any lateness… I was having trouble with WordPress reading my tags when published on a schedule.

Habitat #5: A Hatred of Ants

Habitat 05It’s Saturday once again so it’s time for another “Habitat” strip! It is pretty obvious that Morton is not a big fan of ants. Maybe it’s something from his past that has always haunted him. I would not suggest committing genocide on ants or any other living creature for that matter. This strip is somewhat inspired by my fiancé’s hatred of ants.

I’ve been thinking of a name for that cat character and I think I finally have on picked one out but you’ll have to wait till the next comic to find out his name. It’s actually the name of our new kitten which we just adopted yesterday. Hopefully naming a character after a pet isn’t a kiss of death for the comic. It worked for Garfield though.

Thanks for reading!

Habitat Comic #4

The inspiration for this came while walking Iggy.

The inspiration for this came while walking Iggy.

Hello again everyone. It’s time for another comic strip. I’m going to try my best and work my buns off to get a new comic out every Saturday. So keep stop by every Saturday to see whats going on.

I figure that if I’m going to submit my comics to a syndicate by my next birthday, I’ll have to do more than one strip a month. Putting them out weekly should be enough to give me choice of which are going to be sent off. I’m sure not every one of these things is going to be gold so it would be nice to only send the best. To make this hobby into a career is my goal.

This past week wasn’t as productive as I would have liked. I stayed up too late most nights and didn’t wake early enough to practice drawing before work. I’m a fairly proficient at drawing but I struggle with it sometimes and I would like it to come a bit easier. Anything I can do to make this comic better I’m going to do even if it means getting to bed earlier and waking up early.

I still would like to create a podcast even though I’m unsure how good it would be. I actually bought a cheap microphone for my MacBook but it wouldn’t work so I had to take it back. I did find a free app for the iphone that records audio and is pretty easy to get on to my computer so I’ll probably just use that. As for content of the podcast, I probably will just talk about what I usually would write about: How the strip is going, ideas for future strips, my process, random dumb ideas… you know, boring stuff like that.

OK, That’s it for now. Thanks for stopping.

Kenosha Festival of Cartooning

Howdy y’all. This past Saturday I attended the Kenosha Festival of cartooning. Cartoonists in attendance where: Dave Coverly, Michael Jantze, Greg Cravens, Hilary Price, Norm Feuti, and Stephan Pastis. Stephan Pastis was kind of the headline for the event. The festival ended on Saturday with Mr. Pastis giving a presentation on his comic “Pearls Before Swine.” His presentation was very funny but I was even more interested in the panel discussion with all of the artists talking about their craft. As I listened I couldn’t help but think that newspaper cartoonists were a dying breed and they were struggling with how to make a living on the web yet still keep a firm fan base by keeping it free. I’m really glad that this event was held in Kenosha and I hope that this kind of thing will grow in popularity. After Stephan Pastis’s talk he signed his new book and did drawings for everyone. It was definitely a great experience.

I didn’t get a chance to buy his new book for him to sign but Stephan Pastis was kind enough to sign my festival booklet.

After attending the cartooning fest I was inspired to get back to doing a webcomic. I must admit i wasn’t that avid of a “Pearls Before Swine” fan before but Stephan Pastis kind of inspired me to get back to doing a comic. I came up with a few character a couple of days ago and I’m hoping to casually post webcomics on this blog once in awhile.

I came up with these guys after going to the Festival of Cartooning. I’m hoping to put out a new webcomic soon. 

As far as the graphic novel goes, I’m still working on the page layout with pencil and paper. It’s just easier for me to block it out that way… and I don’t have to be stuck in front of a computer screen. I’m up to 12 layed-out pages and that’s about 4 printed script pages. Anyway, that’s all I got for now. Thanks for stopping by!

Chicago Wizard Con 2012

Hello everyone. I’ve been slowly chugging away at the graphic novel script. I made it to page 87 today so I’m looking pretty good for my weekly goal of 90 pages! Writing is not unbearable for me but, I still can’t wait to move on to getting more involved in the visual aspect of the book.

I hate photos of myself and this one is no exception. I guess I’m not used someone being that close to me for a photo. 🙂

Last Saturday Sara and I attended Wizard Con 2012 in Rosemont, ILL.  Usually Sara’s dad drives us there but this time I took the wheel and got us lost but Sara navigated us back on path. This year was just as crowded as last year with the new floor layout not helping the congestion much. For some reason they decided to put the autograph area right in the middle of the floor so you had to go around the most congested area to get to the artist alley. The first stop was to get six Superman comic books signed by George Peréz, who was very nice. It was fun to watch him whip out Superman drawings and other super-heroes in about 10 minutes each. For lunch we ate over-priced turkey sandwiches ($10) at the cafeteria… it’s kind of a tradition. After lunch we met Lou Ferrigno and got a glossy signed by him. He didn’t talk much but it was still fun to see “The Hulk.” There were some vendors that were at C2E2 but not at Wizard con so that was a bummer. We’re not really really sure if we’ll pay the inflating price to go back next year. C2E2 may be our only Con visit next year unless there is a cool horror con or something like that.

Well, thats the news for now. I’ll keep you updated on the graphic novel. Thanks for dropping by!

Comic Books and Burgers

I was kinda inspired to do this because of the next “Dark Knight” movie. This version of batman isn’t really that threatening though.

Well, I’m officially 33 as of last Saturday (Cinco de Mayo… and FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!). It was a fun-filled weekend. On Saturday Sara and I went to Milwaukee to visit a few places. First on my agenda was Lost World of Wonders comic shop. I decided on splurging on “TNMT: Ultimate Collection Vol. 2.” It was free comic book day and the lines were pretty long so we decided to bypass it. We then went next door to American Science and Surplus where you can find everything from a bag of marbles to weird military surplus gas masks. If you want a 5 lb. bag of rubber bands, they have that too! Pretty awesome place! We swung by Daly’s Pen Shop as well, which I guess is the oldest pen store in the U.S. We ended our trip with a late lunch at Solly’s Grille which has the best butter burgers I’ve had. This place actually puts a huge wad of whipped butter on their burgers… A dream for fat Wisconsinites like myself. So all in all the first day of my 33rd year was a success. 🙂

My next big step in the book process is writing an artist statement for myself as an artist and an artist statement for the book itself. I think writing out what I’m about and what I want to accomplish with this book will keep me more focused on the task at hand. So by next week I should have those for anyone willing to look at this humble blog o’ mine. Thanks for stopping’ by!

A sketch of batman I did before the watercolor on the top. I don’t think DC would ever hire me. lol


Greetings! It is a little late but I thought I would still post something on C2E2 2012 in Chicago. My fiancé and myself attended last Saturday and it was a lot of fun. This was our third time going so we knew what to expect already. Every year we try to figure out if the attendance was up to par with the previous year and this year it seemed less crowded… at least to me. We got to meet David Newell aka Mr. McFeely from “Mister Roger’s Neighborhood.” He was really personable and made sure to talk to everyone that stopped by his booth. Yes, I do believe that is the hat he wore in the show as well… I didn’t think to ask if it was or not though. I also got to meet the Ryan Dow, the person who created the web comic introspective comics. I bought one of his first books “The Art of Failing Buddhism” and he was kind enough to sign it. Of course there was plenty of cos play and comic books to keep any nerd happy. I’ve never really been a “comic book nerd” per say but coming back from the con makes me want to subscribe to like 3 different comic books. All in all it was a fun day and I’m looking forward to two more this year, Summit City Comic Con in Ft. Wayne, IN and Wizard World in Chicago!

I have been trying to get in the habit of drawing/painting more so last week I started this little painting of our favorite amphibian. I used a radiograph pen and cheapo watercolors. He turned out alright for the time I put into it. I would like to post a drawing every week but I don’t know how realistic that is.