Journal #44


Hey everybody! It’s been a long time since I’ve done anything one this site. I have taken a break from the Habitat webcomic. I am trying to get an illustration career started. I just finished illustrating someone elses book this past April. That was the first time I had ever finished an illustration job that big and got paid for it! I am still on Fiverr and still get jobs now and then but ever since I raised my prices the jobs offers have not come as frequently. Since I now know I can finish a big project such a children’s book I am going to start working on my own children’s picture book this month. I have it written, I just need to illustrate it.

I am currently participating in the ICAD challenge on Facebook. ICAD is a group of people (mostly women) who do art on 3×5 cards for 61 days. It’s my first year and I’ve gotten a pretty good response so far.

As you have already noticed I’ve changed the look of the site. I want this site to be a bit more visual and less like a journal. I would like for this to be at least a temporary portfolio site for potential clients. We’ll see what happens. Till next time, keep your eyes, ears and minds open!