Journal #42


Howdy Folks! This is my first post since getting my new phone. I didn’t really need a new phone but that new iphone 6 was calling my name and so I purchased it. The iphone 4 I had was only 8 Gig and I was running dangerously low on memory so I decided to do an upgrade. I still worry about space on the phone but not nearly as much as with the iphone 4. Unfortunately I was too late for the free phone deal and the Verizon store would only give me $30 for my old phone so I sold it on craigslist for $125. I’m hoping that maybe with all this new technology I can possibly do a few quality video blogs for you guys.


So Autumn is officially here! Halloween is just around the corner! As you see Iggy Pup is ready for Halloween. About a week ago Sara and I made roses out of fallen leaves. She saw youtube video and wanted to give it a try. It’s a cool idea and they turned out pretty good but they barely last a day before they dry out and need to be tossed out. I gave my  leaf flowers to my mom for her birthday along with some actual flowers.

Well, I’ve been scheduled to teach an actual cartooning class for March 7, 2015! It’s exciting and I’ve already started a Powerpoint presentation for it. I get nervous and excited just thinking about it but it should be pretty fun. My main goal is to have the class complete at least one strip. I just hope they take their time drawing it out and not just rush through it to get it done and out of the way. My attention span was pretty good as a kid and I could spend hours just drawing so I’m hoping I don’t get a bunch of ADHD kids ha-ha. It will be a 3 hour class with a 10 minute “break.” The first 2 hours is actual “teaching” time where I show the class stuff and have them do class exercises. The last hour of class will be individual drawing time for them to actually work on their comic strip. While they are working on their strip I plan to show “Stripped” the documentary on comic strips. I’m basically doing this to see if I can do it. It’s something I alway WANTED to do but was never sure I COULD do it. Now I’ll be given a chance to see if it’s something I’m good at and would ever want to do again.

I’ve gone through the application process for Big Brothers Big Sisters, now I’m just waiting to be matched up. I’m nervous but excited as well. I keep thinking of all the things we could do together and that gets my pretty pysched. It’s scary to think of myself as a “mentor” but I think I can handle it. All I need to do is be myself and be a positive friend to a kid that my not have that in his life. So hopefully I’ll be getting a call within the next week. I’ll keep you updated on how it’s going.

As for the comic. I’m still working about 2 weeks ahead of schedule. I don’t write strips as much as I would like but I’m happy with how most of them turn out and I’m comfortable with my schedule. I’m hoping to get out blogs post at a more normal schedule. It seems that I’m averaging about 1 post a month but I’m hoping to get one out every Monday. I’ve designated Saturday and Sunday as my “Social media” day in which I blog, and post stuff to various social media outlets. Wednesdays I have designated as the day I do the bulk of my comic strip (if not ALL of it.) So hopefully I can keep this schedule up and continue on my road to someday being syndicated.

Thanks for reading. Keep your eyes, ears and minds open!

2 thoughts on “Journal #42

  1. writingbolt says:

    Here’s my advice…not that you wanna hear it. I would not rely upon a battery-operated device for memory of any kind. A phone is not supposed to hold your life. It’s a phone. Why they keep trying to find one more thing to stuff into the radioactive hot box and make you keep chasing the next tidbit, I don’t know. But, I suppose it’s the new Nintendo/Sega battle or IBM versus…what was it, Commodore or Tandy back when? So, as long as your phone makes calls and maybe keeps time on the lil clock it comes with should you despise watches, be content with that. And, save everything else for your digital camera, laptop, tablet or video game station.

    That IS nifty how you made flowers of leaves. But, I think you have to spray them with a coating to preserve them. Though, they shouldn’t dry up in a day unless exposed to intense light/hot air (like from sitting near a heat vent or electric heater). I had some green leaves I wanted to use for a Greek wreath on a pumpkin. But, they turned brown over a few hours because I accidentally left them out while I was outside. The furnace/heat vent got to them.

    Giving dried up leaf flowers to your mom for her birthday?…kinda sounds like “Drop dead soon” to me:P hehe

    You make ME nervous about the class, and I’m not even involved!

    If you DO get ADHD kids–and, let’s avoid throwing that term around lest you jinx yourself for saying it–you just figure out how you can appeal to all types. Break things down into bites both fast and slow students can manage. Let the faster folks take bigger bites and give the rest time to catch up. Or, the faster folks you let practice with something the others won’t see and feel bad for being slow for not doing.

    I wish I did spend hours drawing as a kid, but my attention was divided by loneliness and my family’s doings, I guess. I remember struggling with siblings playing music, mom fussing about this and that and dad always needing more quiet/work space. When I finally had a room of my own, it still wasn’t mine to enjoy. My work was always in danger of parents throwing it out. So, when I heard other kids practiced more growing up, I felt bad. I still do. But, now, I draw when I feel like it or when I feel up to a requested task.

    I just can’t get psyched about BBandBS. I don’t know if it just comes with aging as I have or what. But, all my wishes for children and such have just about dried up. Now, I feel a tad selfish, but I’m focusing on ME and anyone who wants to work with me. And, it’s really hard for me to “stoop” to a kid’s level even if I still enjoy some kiddie shows/movies. It’s hard for me to play with toys when I never really had much play time. Or, rather, I treated my toys like treasures, not fun things. Because I had so few.

    I think I am in a serious slump:( And, no “social media” will likely get me out of it.

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