Journal #40

This is my ALS water bucket challenge comic which I'm sure we are all sick of by now.

This is my ALS water bucket challenge comic which I’m sure we are all sick of by now.

Hey everybody! It’s been awhile but I decided to write a short post just to brush the dust of the ol’ keyboard. I hope you have been enjoying the new Habitat comics. I’m still learning how to master the graphic tablet. I’m already craving a higher end tablet like the Wacom Intuos Pro but I’ll keep practicing with my Monoprice tablet before I spend anymore money on something that isn’t making me any money.

About a month ago I wrote up a proposal for a cartooning class to be taught at the Kenosha Public Museum. The head of education with the museum system got back to me and said he’d mention in the mid-September meeting. So hopefully if everything goes well, I might be teaching a 3 day class to 10-16 year-olds during the Winter semester. It’s a little scary to think of getting up in front of a bunch of youngsters waiting to see something but I’m pretty confident in the subject so I think it will be a good experience. I’ve already started collecting a few materials to be taught in the class. My goal is for the class to have enough info to start their own comic strip series and to finish at least one comic strip in the class.

Well, that’s all for now. Keep reading Habitat and I’ll keep making them.

One thought on “Journal #40

  1. writingbolt says:

    I may be sick of the joke of a challenge which seems to be more of a trending stunt like planking than something genuinely doing a cause benefit. But, this is a tad demented…dark and disturbed compared to your other strips. Honestly, I’m just a little disgusted. But, I understand the need to groan:) Maybe a better punchline could have helped. I notice some Pearls Before Swine fall short in the end when the punchline fails.

    ‘Sounds like a daring class project, indeed. I’d set my expectations low, only being sure the attendance and pay/reciprocation are secure. Beyond that, the luck is in the hands of you being in the moment and your class being healthy, awake and willing to participate. Maybe print out blank comic strip pages and have the class fill them in. Give them a theme or have a brief sharing session of thoughts on a particular topic.

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