Journal Entry #31


Proof that I'm really working on a children's book. This is the unfinished book dummy and the thumbnail pages… the script is buried under the thumbnails.

Proof that I’m really working on a children’s book. This is the unfinished book dummy and the thumbnail pages… the script is buried under the thumbnails.

Hey everybody! Yes, I’m still alive. I must apologize for the lack of comics this week. I could give you excuses as to why this was a comic-less week but I’ll just re-assure you that next week I’ll be back on track with “Habitat.”

The good news is that I’m almost done with the dummy version of my children’s book. I’m sure dummy books shouldn’t take as long as I’m taking to do one but I’m feeling pretty good about it. The drawing is REALLY rough but I’m liking how it’s turning out. Some of the pages have changed since the thumbnail version of them. I changed the look of the “zoo page” because I was having trouble finding a way of having the page make visual sense. Once all the pages are drawn I’ll paste in the text. From there, I’ll make small changes on the script. After the dummy is done I’ll move on to the making the finished art for each page.

One more bit of news… I was finally able to pay off all of my student loans! So long student loan interest. I’ll finally be able to save some money now. Needless to say, it is a complete weight off my shoulders.

OK, that’s all for now. Thanks for reading! Stop by again on Monday for a new comic! Til then, keep your eyes, ears and minds open.


4 thoughts on “Journal Entry #31

  1. buffalobobcat says:

    I have a question because I just want to make comics and maybe make a children’s book too! How do you pay your bills and find time to draw? Do you draw everyday? Also do you use a ruler to make the thumbnail pages or do they sell them like that? I guess that’s more than one question!

    • Matt says:

      Hi! Thanks for the comment/question! To answer your question, I have a day job as a graphic designer. It barely pays the bills but it keeps a roof over my head and food in my stomach. Finding time to draw and work on creative projects can be hard. I try very hard to get up around 5AM and work on the comic and the children’s book before I go to work. I do all my creative work in the morning because when I get home from work I want to spend that time with my fiancé. I spend about and hour on Mondays and Fridays making the comics and all other days I work on the children’s book. I also work on creative projects on Saturdays when I have pretty much the whole day to myself because my fiancé is at work. To answer your other question, I made those thumbnail pages with Adobe Indesign. If you really wanted, I could send you a PDF version of the file so you can print them out yourself. Also, Moleskine makes a thumbnail notebook for doing stuff like story boards. I have one but I wanted to fit more than 2 boxes a page. Best of luck on your comic and/or children’s book.

      • buffalobobcat says:

        wow thank you for your informative reply! if you’re able to send a link to the thumbnail pdf that would be incredible! thank you so much and best of luck to your creative endeavors!

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