Journal Entry #21

Hey everybody. If you haven’t already noticed I haven’t posted a comic this week. Unfortunately, work has been kicking my ass lately and I haven’t been spending as much time as I should on “Habitat.” Stress at work has been making me lazy at home and I just haven’t in the mood to write or draw any strips lately. I’ve decided to wait till the new year to start the strip again. I want to keep doing “Habitat” but I want it to be good and not something I feel “I have to do.” I hope I don’t lose any fans by taking a break. I think it is for the greater good of comic.

In other news, I’ve been researching HTML and CSS and I’m planning on having my own domain by next Spring or Summer by the latest. I want something that possible employers can visit to see what I can do and in the future I’ll also have a site for “Habitat” that I can link to.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you continue to follow my adventures with my comic.

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