Journal Entry #23

practice dog 2So this is my second attempt at the graphic tablet. I just have to keep telling myself it takes practice to get good. I’m sure I’m not creating color in the most efficient way but I am still learning. I think having the tablet will at least speed up the drawing process and make it look a little bit more “professional.” If you are wondering, yes, this will probably be the look of the re-designed Morton. Thanks for reading. I’ll check you all later!


Journal Entry #22


practice dogHello again. This is going to be a pretty short post. I just wanted to show you something I made with my new toy. I got a Monoprice graphic drawing tablet for Christmas and this is my first serious practice with it (other than doodles). Not very spectacular but I’m trying to get the hang of it. I’m also toying with the idea of redesigning the look of “Habitat.” I think I would be happier with a style that is more natural to me. So when Habitat reboots next year it will probably look totally different and might be done completely digitally at some point. So, thanks for reading. Morton, Finn and I will see you in 2014!


The Playlist Track of the Day: “Billy’s Christmas Wish” By Red Sovine

#8 “Billy’s Christmas Wish” by Red Sovine

OK, it’s Christmas Eve and it’s time for a good ol’ depressing Christmas song. I had a hard time picking out the best Red Sovine Christmas song because their all pretty good and depressing. This is the mother of all depressing Christmas songs. Nothing says Christmas like a poor, starving, sick child dying in the arms of Santa Claus. I just discovered the genius of Red Sovine recently and I didn’t think any one could make a living singing trucker songs and sad ditties like this one. So curl up by the fire, put this song on and have a happy Christmas Eve. (PS- I’m not too sure of the video for this one, if you can,  just listen to the song and ignore the video.)

The Playlist Track of the Day: “I Want A Beatle For Christmas” by Becky Lee Beck

#7 “I Want A Beatle For Christmas” By Becky Lee Beck

Apparently this girl wants a Beatle for Christmas. I’m always kinda amazed at how catchy some of these lesser known Christmas songs are. I actually did some research for this track. I tried to find information about Becky Lee Beck but came up empty handed. I did, however, find out that there were actually about 10 other Christmas songs released that year (1964) about wanting Beatles for a Christmas present. Why doesn’t any one make a Christmas song about wanting Justin Bieber for Christmas?

The Playlist Track of the Day: “Santa Claus Has Got The Aids This Year” by Tiny Tim

#6 “Santa Claus Has Got The Aids This Year” by Tiny Tim

The title really says it all. This is a really strange one, even for me. I’m not too sure Tiny Tim knew what AIDs were at the time of writing this but it is still a really nice tune, don’t you think? 🙂 I would like to think Tiny Tim was just ignorant of the AIDs virus at the time and actually really thought “the AIDs” was just like a really bad cold. This song gets stuck in my head WAAAY too often. Listen to it more than once… you know you want to.