Journal Entry #16

Hey y’all! Sorry that it seems I’ve been slacking on my comic lately. I’ve had a lot of other things on my mind lately and the comic keeps getting kinda lost in the shuffle. I’m also getting kind of depressed with the comic too. It’s not looking any better to me. It’s a viscous cycle of me not wanting to draw the comic because I know it won’t turn out the way I want it but I need to keep at it to actually get better at drawing. None of my comics are syndication worthy yet which I’m worried about. I don’t really want to send stuff that I know will get rejected. Regardless, I’ll be sending what I have out to the syndicates whether I think it’s garbage or not… who knows, maybe I’ll at least get some constructive criticism. So, I’ve decided to post just one Habitat comic a week (Fridays 10:30am.)

Another reason for cutting back on the comic is that I’m seriously thinking of going back to school this next Spring. I’m thinking of getting an Assoc. degree in Web Development at the local community college. I already have a graphic design degree but I think having web developing skills would broaden the jobs I can apply for. So at age 34, I’m going back to college! lol

Well, thats all for now. Thanks for reading!

5 thoughts on “Journal Entry #16

  1. nos4ah22013 says:

    As an artist you’re probably your toughest critic. Sometimes a change in vocation will inspire the creative process. You have something in Habitat so keep plugging away and I look forward to any new material you post, no matter what timeline you are on. The best things are worth the wait. Hang in there!

    • Matt says:

      Hey! Thank you so much for the kind words! It’s rewarding creating it but it’s even more rewarding knowing someone actually enjoys it. I am a pretty big fan of Sam and Murphy. I’ve been wanting to tell you how funny I think it is but I don’t believe you have a comment option. Anyway keep up the great work and thanks for the comment!

  2. Danny Fry says:

    I think when you start out in webcomics you have a “Dark Night of the Soul” about every two days. It’s really hard to knock these out when just a handful of people are reading and not commenting either. Hang in there! I want you to keep going too.

    • Matt says:

      Ha-ha! Thanks Danny! You speak the truth. I want to let you I really like your comic. It’s funny and well-drawn which is harder to accomplish than it sounds. Thanks a lot for the comment. It means a lot coming from you.

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