Habitat #10: A Marvel of Biological Engineering

Habitat 10Poor Morton… never knows when to keep his big mouth shut. Finn is definitely more appreciative of the beauty of other animals. Morton’s idea of beauty is a discarded cheeseburger and a nice shaded patch of soft grass.

I’m beginning to change the look of Finn just a bit. Instead of the circle I start drawing his head with a square. It makes a bit more sense with the way I want his head to look. I’m more pleased with this design of Finn… even though he hasn’t changed THAT much. I’m still considering drawing more details into the characters such as fur but I’m still unsure.

So this is big #10! I bet you didn’t think I’d be around even this long! lol Well, neither did I ! 🙂 I hope to stick around for maybe another couple rounds of ten. Thank you to all the readers out there. You guys rock my world! See you guys on Monday! Peace!


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