Habitat #8: The Baby-sitter

Habitat 08

Man, looks like Morton is a real jerk  in this one. If I was Finn I wouldn’t even want to hang out with him. They are all they have though… for the moment anyway.

I’m critical of all the comics I do but this one I’m really critical of. Finn kinda morphs from panel to panel. Consistency is always a challenge in comics. Like I said before, I would like to re-design the look of the characters a little to make them less flat looking. Morton is a jerk in this one which is not how I really want him to turn out. I want him to be a wisenheimer without being construed as meanie or a bully.

Just a reminder that future comics will come out EVERY FRIDAY!

As always, thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Habitat #8: The Baby-sitter

  1. robotoftheday says:

    Regarding your concerns about character consistency: I read an interview with the creator of “PvP” in which he stated that he used “home-made” stencils to ensure that the head-shape (and probably other body parts) remained the same from panel to panel.

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