Habitat #5: A Hatred of Ants

Habitat 05It’s Saturday once again so it’s time for another “Habitat” strip! It is pretty obvious that Morton is not a big fan of ants. Maybe it’s something from his past that has always haunted him. I would not suggest committing genocide on ants or any other living creature for that matter. This strip is somewhat inspired by my fiancé’s hatred of ants.

I’ve been thinking of a name for that cat character and I think I finally have on picked one out but you’ll have to wait till the next comic to find out his name. It’s actually the name of our new kitten which we just adopted yesterday. Hopefully naming a character after a pet isn’t a kiss of death for the comic. It worked for Garfield though.

Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “Habitat #5: A Hatred of Ants

  1. surlylibrarian says:

    Hah — I just mentioned a book called “Ants Are Stupid” in my own blog two days ago; and I don’t think that’s even the reason wordpress suggested this blog to me (it’s because it’s an art/comics blog)!
    I’d like to see ants get their revenge in this way sometimes. I don’t like them swarming my house, but it always bothers me when kids go out of their way to squish the poor things! If we had fire ants here, I suppose the tables would be turned….

    • Matt says:

      Hey! Thanks for the comment! I’ll squish an ant if I see one in the house but for the most part I’m pretty tolerant of them… because you never know when they’ll organize. Thanks again!

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