Kenosha Festival of Cartooning

Howdy y’all. This past Saturday I attended the Kenosha Festival of cartooning. Cartoonists in attendance where: Dave Coverly, Michael Jantze, Greg Cravens, Hilary Price, Norm Feuti, and Stephan Pastis. Stephan Pastis was kind of the headline for the event. The festival ended on Saturday with Mr. Pastis giving a presentation on his comic “Pearls Before Swine.” His presentation was very funny but I was even more interested in the panel discussion with all of the artists talking about their craft. As I listened I couldn’t help but think that newspaper cartoonists were a dying breed and they were struggling with how to make a living on the web yet still keep a firm fan base by keeping it free. I’m really glad that this event was held in Kenosha and I hope that this kind of thing will grow in popularity. After Stephan Pastis’s talk he signed his new book and did drawings for everyone. It was definitely a great experience.

I didn’t get a chance to buy his new book for him to sign but Stephan Pastis was kind enough to sign my festival booklet.

After attending the cartooning fest I was inspired to get back to doing a webcomic. I must admit i wasn’t that avid of a “Pearls Before Swine” fan before but Stephan Pastis kind of inspired me to get back to doing a comic. I came up with a few character a couple of days ago and I’m hoping to casually post webcomics on this blog once in awhile.

I came up with these guys after going to the Festival of Cartooning. I’m hoping to put out a new webcomic soon.¬†

As far as the graphic novel goes, I’m still working on the page layout with pencil and paper. It’s just easier for me to block it out that way… and I don’t have to be stuck in front of a computer screen. I’m up to 12 layed-out¬†pages and that’s about 4 printed script pages. Anyway, that’s all I got for now. Thanks for stopping by!