Ramble On

April is quickly coming to a close which means I’m coming closer to my May graphic novel start date. Up to this point I have just been trying to stay inspired and learn all I can about graphic story-telling. The book has been in the back of my mind for awhile, now I’m eager to get started on it in earnest.

This past week I finished “Understanding Comics” by Scott McCloud. That book delves deeper into comics than anything I’ve ever read on the subject. It definitely gives a basis of what a graphic novel or comic should be. I’m currently re-reading “Making Comics” by the same author. This book goes over all the details and workings of a comic. I just hope reading these books will help me with my own book when it comes time to start on it.

I’ve been trying to discipline myself more for when I start this project. I’ve been trying to get up earlier but not alway successfully. Finding time to do this project will probably be the hardest part. I will have to make smart decisions and choose working on the book over goofing around on the internet. I have been making my own S. Covey style weekly planners since last year and I plan on using that to keep on schedule and stay motivated.

The more I browse the web the more I come across all these great illustrators and I can’t help but be jealous of their talent and way of life. This book will test me to stay motivated to accomplish my dream of becoming a professional illustrator. Only the future will tell.

PS – I realize that most of my posts are just ramblings at this point but I’m hoping that someone enjoys reading it. 🙂



Greetings! It is a little late but I thought I would still post something on C2E2 2012 in Chicago. My fiancé and myself attended last Saturday and it was a lot of fun. This was our third time going so we knew what to expect already. Every year we try to figure out if the attendance was up to par with the previous year and this year it seemed less crowded… at least to me. We got to meet David Newell aka Mr. McFeely from “Mister Roger’s Neighborhood.” He was really personable and made sure to talk to everyone that stopped by his booth. Yes, I do believe that is the hat he wore in the show as well… I didn’t think to ask if it was or not though. I also got to meet the Ryan Dow, the person who created the web comic introspective comics. I bought one of his first books “The Art of Failing Buddhism” and he was kind enough to sign it. Of course there was plenty of cos play and comic books to keep any nerd happy. I’ve never really been a “comic book nerd” per say but coming back from the con makes me want to subscribe to like 3 different comic books. All in all it was a fun day and I’m looking forward to two more this year, Summit City Comic Con in Ft. Wayne, IN and Wizard World in Chicago!

I have been trying to get in the habit of drawing/painting more so last week I started this little painting of our favorite amphibian. I used a radiograph pen and cheapo watercolors. He turned out alright for the time I put into it. I would like to post a drawing every week but I don’t know how realistic that is.


In previous posts I really didn’t get into much of how or why I’m doing an autobiographical graphic novel. I’ll cover those subjects now.

I had been thinking of illustrating a children’s book for a long time. As a matter of fact I have a whole other idea set aside for a children’s book that I might try to tackle after I finish  at least one book. I switched to the autobiographical idea because it would be a nice introduction of myself as a “professional artist.” It’s not that I have a big ego and consider myself an important artist, I just want to start my professional art career with a book that shows the human experience from my perspective. I think it is good for every human to face themselves at some point and what better (and challenging) way to do so than the autobiographic graphic novel?

I am also 33 years old this year and I felt it was time to to do something that I can really be proud of and call my own. I am going to try to get this book published by a publishing house so I know this has to be good to get my foot in the door. I see this book as a major stepping-stone to a more artistically fulfilling career. At age 33 , its either now or never.

How am I going to complete this book within a years time? That is a good question. LOL I hope I can get it published professionally (or by myself) by sometime next year. I have been doing planning and rough timelines to see how long each step will take and I’m hoping that I will stay focused enough to stick to the schedule.

What you see in this picture is all I am using to create this book. (plus the scanner which is not shown)

I have always been fond of the DIY ethic in the world of comics. This project is going to be very simplistic in terms of how I’m creating the thing. I set myself a $200 budget so everything will be done with cheap, basic supplies. To cut costs I am using art supplies that I already own. I’ll be using just a basic Uniball rollerball pen and a cheap sketchbook to create the book. I think the sketchbook idea is good because then I’m not locked to my drawing table and it fits in my scanner. Since this my first book I want it to be very simple in terms of materials used and the design of the book. I want to show that something beautiful can still be created using very simple and cheap materials and techniques.

I will be using: a cheap Mead academic sketchbook, a Uniball "Eco" rollerball pen, a Sharpie marker, a Pentel mechanical pencil and eraser.

In a way I see this book as a certain evolution of myself. This book is just the beginning. After mastering a simple pen I will move on to other more expensive art materials. After I finish an autobiography I want to move on to a more imaginative story. I see this as a learning experience.

The Workspace

My messy studio workspace.

I have always been interested in other artists studios so I thought I would post my humble working space. My studio is fully equipped with Macbook hooked to a larger monitor, printer/scanner all-in-one, external hard drive, DVD/CD burner, reference/inspiration books, and tons of art materials. My drawing table doubles as a computer desk which isn’t much of a problem since I never work very large. I could have tidied it up a bit for the photo but that would be unrealistic since there are always piles of my crap everywhere, especially on the scanner and under the table. This is probably where I will be doing the bulk of my work on the first graphic novel. Thanks for stopping by.

Good Intentions

This blog will be a way of getting my name and art out to the public as cheaply as possible. I’m hoping people will come here for inspiration or just to see what I’ve been up to. I will be  starting the process of making an autobiographical graphic novel this May. I will chart my progress on this blog. Hopefully many will want to follow me on this journey. More information about this project is soon to come!